Yoga Hotpants - Yellow Grey Zebra - Beach Shorts

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These yellow-grey zebra yoga hotpants are the perfect hot pants to use for any activity. Perfect for yoga, boxing or any other sports. Also great for the beach, they stay on perfectly also when wet. Many girls have used this model through the years as a bikini for those less perfect waxed days!

The yellow-grey zebra is in the thicker spandex, which holds your body beautifully and lasts forever. We still have a few pairs of our own that we use over 10 years ago, no joke!

Made from the best quality cotton spandex, made to last and love for many years. These are medium-high waist cut in the front and higher in the back to enjoy keeping your underwear for yourself.

The legs are long enough to do any yoga position and still covering the butt cheeks and inner thighs and giving them the support, to give your bum that little push up.

Also perfect to wear under dresses or skirts to feel a bit extra protected.

Model wears size Small.