KALI MALA - Brass Skull Necklace - Hand-made 108 beads - Tibetan

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Expand your mind with our Tibetan Kali Skull beads Mala. 

 This beautifully handcrafted Kali Mala is traditionally used for Japa meditation. It can be worn around the neck, wrapped around the wrist, used for meditation, or worn as spiritual jewelry. 

 In Tibetan Buddhist tradition, skulls bead males offer the wearer protection and amplify life force energy. Each piece is handmade in India and blessed. With unparalleled durability and 108 brass skulls, this is a very unique piece of jewelry to love for life.  


 The pendant is a Tibetan Varja. 

 According to Indian mythology, Vajra is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Vajra (meaning in Sanskrit both thunderbolt and diamond), symbolizes both the power of an indestructible diamond and the irresistible force of a thunderbolt. 

 Co-creating your unique piece

 We can help you create your unique mala necklace. If your favorite pendant is like a snake or Trishul or anything else, please let us know. We can craft your own personal mala, so you’ll have a physical reminder of the life you choose to live.

 Size & Fit:

Our Tibetan Kali Mala Skull beads come in two sizes.


The long mala: 110 cm (without pendant)

The shorter mala: 54 cm (without pendant)

 Amount of Skulls: 

The long style has 108 skulls 

The short style has 54 skulls.

 Materials: Brass, Gold-plated brass, and Sterling silver!