Flared Leggings - Olive Green Black Leopard

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Olive green Leopard Print Bootleg Leggings - Flares

This pair comes in thick Olive-Green cotton spandex with a black leopard print. With a  slight flare starting just by the knee. Our yoga flares are perfect to stretch in as the high-quality cotton spandex moves and bends with your body. No need to worry about your leggings getting baggy at the bum or knees, their 4-way stretch means that they hug your figure at all times. 

Standard inseam 84 cm. Custom Sizing is Available for Our Flares, as the length is so important! 

Please measure the inseam from the crotch (where your legs meet) until where u want the flares to end, most of the time óver the foot or shoe (with heel). Please measure carefully and leave us your perfect inseam length at the comment when you place your order.

Made from the highest quality 90% cotton and 10% spandex in fair trade conditions in Bali, Indonesia.